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HumiCare D900

HumiCare's first generation was already unmatched with regard to humidification performance that was highly constant and mainly independent of ambient conditions and ventilation parameters. Neither complex ventilation patterns nor high gas inlet temperatures (turbines!) have relevant influence on HumiCare's performance. Long endurance of its consumables (up to 30 days) and effective avoidance of rain-out are additional strong arguments for HumiCare.

Based on these revolutionary attributes, generation "delta/D900" was consequently enhanced:

  • reduced compressible volume
  • further opimized resistance
  • dramatically reduced size and weight
  • graphic user interface with multiple setting options
  • enhanced alarm management
  • USB interfaces for standardisized communication options
  • multiple single- and multi-use options (chambers and tubing systems)
  • operation voltage 24VDC
  • integrated connector for filter heater or auxiliary devices
  • automatical detection of different external components and adaption of operating parameters

Independent of its outstanding performance specifications HumiCare delta provides reasonable comfort to both user and patient:

  • Interactive trouble shooting on alarms or errors
  • start-up at default values or individuell settings
  • adjustable chamber illumination
  • complete menu-based user interface
  • shortcuts for main settings
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